Welcome to the Wolcott Lions Club

District - 23A

Wolcott Lions 2024 Scholarship

Each year the Wolcott Lions are proud to give away six $2000 scholarships to deserving outstanding Wolcott students.

The following memorial scholarship awards are presented:

First Scholarship: Lion Daniel Goffred Memorial Scholarship

Second Scholarship: Lion Nicholas & Gloria D’Agostino Scholarship

Third Scholarship: Lion Brian Borghesi Memorial Scholarship  (must be sponsored by a Wolcott Lions member)

Fourth Scholarship: Lion Fred Musano Sr. Memorial Scholarship

Fifth Scholarship: Lion Robert Bouffard Memorial Scholarship

Sixth Scholarship: Lion Louis Albert Memorial Scholarship

Key Dates:

Application Completed and Returned: 4/22/2024

All information you wish to be considered must be COMPUTER TYPED on the pages of the application

form. DO NOT SUBMIT additional pages with the exception of the three (3) letters of reference. Return

the completed and signed application form by April 22, 2024

You may deliver the completed application to Wolcott High School or mail to the Wolcott Lions Club,

P.O. Box 6063, Wolcott, CT 06716. You may also email your application to

wolcottlions.scholarship@yahoo.com. Late applications WILL NOT be considered.

Interviews: 5/9/2024

An interview will be scheduled for every applicant after the applications are reviewed.  The Wolcott Lions Scholarship Committee will conduct the interviews on 5/9/2024.

Awards Presentation: 

 The awards will be presented to the recipients at their respected school’s award ceremony. The recipients and their

parents will be guests at a meeting of the Wolcott Lions Club on June 12th.

Select the Scholarship Application below to download 
Completed forms and letters of reference can be returned to your high school guidance office or to the following:

Wolcott Lions Club
P. O. Box 6063
Wolcott , CT , 06716

Email: wolcottlions.scholarship@yahoo.com